The population of our planet is currently around 7.7 billion (2019) and is expected to rise to over 9 billion by the year 2025.  More than half of the population will be connected to the internet by then; but so will the majority of our things too.  They will include – our homes, white goods, personal devices, communicators, clothes, vehicles, workplaces, etc!

This so-called ‘Internet of things (IoT) is part of the new digital revolution that is enhancing our lives and presenting a great number of opportunities we can benefit from.

This course presents an essential introduction to Automation & the Internet of Things. It will provide you with new knowledge & skills to further your understanding of the technologies that lay the foundation of today and for tomorrow.

Who the course is for

If you are an individual who is seeking to advance your knowledge and understanding of the digital things around you; or maybe you are interested in building an IoT project or maybe you wish to pursue the extensive career opportunities that education in this field will bring – then this course is the starting point for you.

What you'll learn

This is a short ‘discovery & overview’ course intended to introduce you to Automation Technologies and the Internet of Things.

The course will guide you through the essential technologies that make up the Automation & IoT environment.

Underpinning the essential knowledge that you will receive during the training are a number of course activities that you will participate in.

 These include:

  • Computer science & Data Analytics
  • Microcontrollers, Smart Sensors, and Actuators
  • Electrical/Electronics and Communication technologies
  • Computers & programming,
  • Real-world projects with Raspberry Pi & Arduino
  • Cloud computing & Artificial Intelligence

As part of this training course you have the option to purchase A&IoT training kits and enroll in our Foundation and/or Focussed training programs where you spend more ‘Practical’ and hands-on time developing your skills in the topics above.


This course follows the following topics and content

  1. Administration
  2. Course Objectives
  3. A&IoT Technologies
  4. Computer Science
  5. Microcontroller & hardware systems
  6. Programming
  7. Data Science

Activities include:

  • Setting up an IoT project with a Raspberry Pi
  • Writing a simple program to control an IoT device
  • Sending and retrieving IoT data on the Internet


There are no pre-requisites for this training course.

Career Outcomes

Understanding the base of A&IoT technologies is the first step to new career opportunities.

Did you know?

By enrolling to the foundation or focussed training programs you will get your course fees for Overview session waived off. It’s a saving of upto $500 from the full fee cost of advance learning.


Internet of Things

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