The sky’s the limit – well not anymore! Remotely operated flying machines or ‘unmanned aerial vehicles’ (UAV) as they are better known, used to be a thing of science fiction; but with the advent of electronic technology such UAVs are available for anybody to enjoy and/or conduct work.

This foundation level training course is an intensive fun packed week of theory and flying.

Who the course is for

This course is designed for the hobbyist and the serious flyer who need to know the ins & outs of this emerging technology.

What you'll learn

Our training course not only teaches you the principles of flight in fun and constructive way, but you will also learn about the sensors and components which a modern UAV possesses.

You will learn to fly your drone safely and acquire the skills needed to ensure competency & compliance and prepare you for more serious adventures in this technology field.

As part of the training course you are provided with a fully operational drone.


The core modules presented in this course will provide you with the skills and knowledge to not only understand how to fly your drone safely; but also to teach you the essential technologies that make your drone so exciting to build & fly.

  • Drones types and usage
  • Drone technology fundamentals and essential theory
  • Aviation theory for UAVs
  • Building a drone
  • Flying a quadcopter
  • Drones and the law
  • GPS and collision avoidance
  • Drone photography principles and practice
  • Drone Maintenance
  • Australian UAV law


None Required

Career Outcomes

Our training course on drones and UAVs will provide the learner with the opportunity of understanding this complex set of technologies that modern drones are based on.

Completing this training course will allow you to gain the knowledge required to be a safe, competent and compliant recreational drone pilot.

Career opportunities  include:

  • Private UAV pilot
  • Professional UAV pilot
  • UAV enthusiast

Did you know?

  • Retail giant Amazon has revelead plans to use drones to deliver products ordered online !
  • In Australia, Auspost is also planning to introduce use of drones to deliver products in regional and metropolitan areas.
  • An average drone operator salary starts from $80,000 – $100,000
Drones & UAV

5 day course


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