Virtual Reality will allow you to understand the principles of mixed reality and have you participate in augmented or fully immersive virtual reality in the classroom.

Who the course is for

  • Anyone interested in learning more about MR — there are no prerequisites for this course
  • Developers and designers with a keen interest in new MR technologies
  • Designers passionate about creating game experiences
  • Creatives curious about the possibilities of MR
  • Animators and 3D artists that want to discover how to design an MR experience
  • Industry professionals interested in disruptive technologies like MR

What you'll learn

  • What AR, VR & MR is
  • Applications for Mixed reality
  • VR and gaming
  • Immersive v augmented environments
  • Popular VR with Oculus, Vive etc.
  • Roomscale v Stiatic VR

Career Outcomes

After completing this program, you will learn the fundamentals of Virtual, Augmented and Mixed reality.

You will be able to understand and build frameworks in 3D and be able to explore cutting edge tools in MR Industry.

Career opportunities include:

  • AR/VR/MR Application Specialist
  • AR/VR Designer
Mixed Reality (AR & VR)

1 day course

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